I’m Kathryn Jones, I own and run Clever Fox Canine Training and Behaviour – A Clever Approach to Dog Training and Behaviour

I have started this blog as a place to put down my observations, training methods and thought. While not everyone will agree with my opinions, their just that. Mine. Their is 101 ways to train or untrain a behaviour, I don’t have all the answers but I do have common sense, experience and a passion for dogs.

I’ve always been about dogs, but my interest in them really bloomed at University, from there I instructed at several clubs, dog walked, pet sat, attended seminars, leading up to working with Security dogs full time for months. Until I eventually set up my own business.

I work not only with pet dogs but security dogs. This experience gives me an insight into controlled and trained aggression, that you just can’t get from observation and reading. Something I’m proud of and use to my advantage when adjusting behaviour in dogs. Some might assume that from training with security dogs I use harsh methods, I beat and make my dogs do the work through fear and force. I can tell you now, a beaten dog will not work, a worried dog will not work, these dogs have to be 100% bonded to you in order for them to want to work for you, to defend you. Don’t assume things without first seeing my dogs in action, yes people do train like that and those are the people that get hurt.

This blog I here to provide the reader with an insight into my world, feel free to comment with your opinion only if it is based on facts and real experience.


Clever Fox Canine Training and Behaviour.

Based near Lancaster, Lancashire, but covering the areas between Preston, Blackpool, Kendal and Lancaster.




A Clever Approach to Dog Training and Behaviour


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