Recent Behaviour Changes? Do Some Backward Thinking.

Recently a long term dog training client mentioned to me that their dog was chewing the end of the bed at night. Their routine hadn’t changed, the dogs normal behaviour hadn’t changed. Nothing was different when I asked the main questions, we carried on with our normal training.
Still stumped by the chewing thing.

Part of being a Behaviourist is working around an issue, asking questions and getting answers in order to find a solution.

Then I walked into the room and saw the dentastix, I mentioned if the dog was now getting them before bed? “Of course” cried the owner. Well there was my answer.
The dog was getting a sugar hit before bed!

I’m not going to go into what you should, and shouldn’t feed your dog (Do your own googling on that one), but I am going to stress, that tiny little changes can have a big impact on your dog.

In this case, adding in a bit too much sugar before bed was causing the dog to wake in the night and start chewing. Something she has never done, I could have applied loads of different training, and routine management to change it, but actually all that was needed was to not feed her sugar before bed.

Little changes can mean big differences for your dog.

Lots of behaviour changes in dogs can be environmental for small changes. Yes, sometimes they cause big changes but quite often subtle little changes in your dogs behaviour can be pin pointed by a small change.

Any unexplained behaviour changes must be changed out by a vets consult, in order to rule out any medical issues.

Uncomplicated things can make big differences. Think about the things you do with your dogs.


Kathryn Jones FdSc AAB


Clever Fox Canine Training and Behaviour